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She Wolf Barbie Of The SS

Painting To A Christian Nation(God Bless This Mess)

Blackface Barbie Minstrel Show

Explosions Of Flavor

The Second Civil War

The Fat Ass Saves the Day As the Artist Contemplates the Fate of Coochy Cooty and Americas Over Consumption of Non Kosher Delicacies

Preachers Gonna' Preach

You Kamikazied My Battleship

Walt Visits Sodom and Gomorrah

The Beet Generation

Saint Teresa Finds The Gateway To Limbo

Be A Donor

Greensploitation: Lean, Green, Killing Machine

Safe Sex Against Super Sperm

Ask Your Doctor If He's Right You

Sometimes Celibacy Isn't Enough

Every 28 Days

Yabba Dabba Devil Visits The First Church Of Bedrock

Darwin Studies The Kung-Fu Capacity Of the Giant Tortoise

Give Me Your Tacos, Your Papayas, Your Hurting Gases Yearning To Be Frijoles

A Complete Breakfast

Assassins Sluts and Satellites

Catherine The Great Meets Her Fate By A Murderous Mustang

Have A Heart

Curse Of The Bambino

Osama Bin Laden Steals Alladin's Magic Lamp

The Washington Lumber And Denture Co.

You Talkin' To Latka?

Cowboyz n' Injuns

The Howah The Howah

Thank Heaven

Food of the Future

Everlasting Pill Popper

Mothers Against The Music of Kiss

Manson Family Vacation

Black is Beautiful

This Ain't No Jive Ass Turkey

Time Travel Made Easy

A Smurfy Cold War

You Don't Exist If You're Not On Facebook

The Fight For Hetch Hetchy

Columbus Visits The New World

Fear Does Not Lead to Enlightenment

The Darkside of the SS

Rebel Fighter